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case studies

Highly skilled and motivated, our team of professionals has successfully completed a wide spectrum of projects in these industry.

Glove Industry
James Lee • CEO of T.E.M. Combustion Sdn. Bhd.
We take pride in our top-notch after-sales support, troubleshooting skills, and high efficiency in solving client’s problems or defects; backed by our unparalleled technical knowledge of our group of technicians and engineers.

Leading glove companies in Malaysia are constantly seeking for the most
cost-effective production processes while maintaining their status as the
highest quality producers on a global scale.


Continuous research by T.E.M. in fine-tuning the latest manufacturing processes; through optimisation of combustion components. T.E.M. has helped reduced the size of the burners and save energy without interrupting the consistency in energy exchange involved in the leaching and beading processes.

Our second breakthrough achievement in the glove industry was the use of servo motor with double drive (servo motor drive through automation, HMI + PLC), which could last twice or thrice longer than the previous technology used for the conveyor lines. This has consequently saved maintenance costs.

The innovative engineering and machine technology matrix has helped our clients increase production efficiency.

Water Supply Industry
Tey Teng Seng • CEO of T.E.M. Technology Sdn. Bhd.
We have built solid relationships with our clients and gained a trusted reputation within the industry; accessing client’s projects with earned trust and credibility.

The contractors, subcontractors, and the end users we deal with in this industry constantly face technical optimisation, maintenance and budget constraints.


Consequently, we were brought in for technical, maintenance and troubleshooting discussion. We have skilled and experienced engineers to provide engineering components and solutions according to client’s specifications and compliance.

As part of a value-added service, we keep spare parts for our clients and do swift yet proper maintenance and equipment. As a result, we are known for our top-notch after-sales service and support.

Food & Beverages Industry
Liew Ka Yau • Head of Transmission Business Unit
We supply application systems based on the engineer’s design, so we work closely with engineers to ensure safety, effectiveness, and long-term operational reliability.

We are the trusted power transmission company to provide appropriate and precise application studies for factories whilst increasing efficiency and output.


We have successfully implemented transmission solutions and application systems that cater to repeatability and precision, improving productivity and saving costs.

Together with qualified and knowledgeable engineers, we have designed and set up functional and energy-saving systems for FMCG companies including Coca-Cola, Colgate, and Pepsi; as well as for BERNAS.

Automotive Industry
Desmond Lau • Director of T.E.M. Industrial Services Sdn. Bhd.
We are trusted for our knowledge and expertise in providing prompt and timely A-Z cost-saving engineering components without compromising on quality solutions. This commitment is what we are recognised and awarded for.
  • Keeping pace with changing technology.
  • Plant to be operated at high accuracy and efficiency without adverse effects on components.

As the Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Division, what we essentially provide are machine upgrades, fabrication works, and custom-made machines – with testing and commissioning services.

We offer alternative solutions (to replace components that are obsolete from the market) in the process plant without compromising the output quality of the automotive manufacturing processes.

With the engineering knowledge and skillset we possess, we are also able to offer alternative solutions that perform at higher efficiency.